The goal of this project was to create a tool for Maya that automatically sets the scene to render a model. For this I used Maya 2016, RenderMan 20 and Mel. The render outputs are two exr files. One for the shaded render and another one for the wireframe. The script does the following:

  • Groups all the selected geometry, groups it and sets the pivot in the origin of the scene.
  • Creates a render camera.
  • Adds a backdrop and lights to the scene.
  • Creates and assigns materials to the model and backdrop.
  • Loads the RenderMan plugin, sets the file output and render size.
  • Sets the pixel variance to 0.05 and activates frame denoiser.
  • Creates two render layers: Occ & Wire.
  • Creates layer overrides to set the integrator. Visualizer for Wire and PathTracer for Occ.


TOOL for maya